About Nutritionist

Jyoti Sharma is a Consultant Dietitian & Nutritionist practising in Bhopal.
She is associated with NGOs, HelpAge and other SHGs, Govt. Organisations, Govt. Help programmes, Corporate/Private sector organisations and Schools & Colleges.

Her Approach

No gimmicks, no unsubstantiated claims, no quick fixes.
She practices evidence‐based science and coupled with her experience, she does not compromise on clients’ long term health for short term results.

Jyoti derives most satisfaction when her input helps improve individual’s health and very often their self image.

She has a rich and varied experience in the field of nutrition, having built an enviable client list of individuals, celebrities and organisations that have sought her nutrition expertise.

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With change in dietary habits, we have been able to prevent, delay and control the progress of various diseases and improve the quality of life, substantially.

You and Jyoti will devise a plan that compliments your lifestyle.

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Jyoti Sharma

Health Tips

Diet tips

Cooking at home

Avoid using the same oil for re-frying. Repeated heating produces dangerous free radicals which are deleterious to health.

Eating Tips

Eating at home

Savour every bite. Do not watch TV or talk on the phone while eating. It is likely that you won't over eat.

Storage Tips

Storing food well

Store raw meat covered on a shelf below cooked foods. Any drip from the meat will not contaminate the already cooked foods.